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Welcome to UpMarket Gallery

Find your muse at upmarket

UpMarket Gallery is a new, upcoming fine art gallery and event space at 68 N. Market Street in Asheville, NC. Founded by Heather Davis of Heather Davis Studio, our new art gallery is set to open in 2024. Follow us on Instagram to get updates and see sneak peeks of new artwork.

About UpMarket Gallery
UpMarket Gallery
UpMarket Gallery in the 1970s

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Discover beautiful artwork
from Heather Davis.

Shop one-of-a-kind fashion from UpMarket Gallery.

Beautify your home with home products from Heather Davis.

coming 2024

What can you expect from UpMarket Gallery coming in 2024?

Fine Art Gallery

Come and discover beautiful fine artwork produced by a variety of artists.

The Loft

Upstairs loft with studio spaces, classrooms and event space.

Events & Classes

Host private events or come join us for art classes by well known artists.